Monday, March 26, 2012

Tour Schedule: Earthly Concerns by Xavier Axelson

Tour Schedule:

March 26th – Full Moon Bites (Author Interview & Giveaway)
March 27th – Pants Off Reviews (Promo Post & Giveaway)
March 28th – Author Jennifer James - Caught in the Smex Beam (Promo Post & Giveaway)
March 29th – bibliophilia (Promo Post)
March 30th – Reviews By Molly (Promo Post & Giveaway)

PictureTitle: Earthly Concerns
Author: Xavier Axelson
Genre: Fiction, Paranormal, Horror, Romance, Erotica, Male/Male
Publisher: Seventh Window Publications

Between love and loss, there is obligation....

It was a peaceful night when Barrett and his daughter were driving home… then something happened.  Something sinister.

Between shadow and light, there is uncertainty....

Now the only person Barrett can turn to for help is Anson, a man gifted with psychic abilities beyond reason. But Anson is also his ex-boyfriend, a man whose heart he’d already broken.

If you can see, you have to help.

As Anson delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding Barrett’s accident, he begins to realize that he’s not only in a race against time, but in a battle against his own broken heart and the terrifying understanding that whatever has taken Barrett’s child is a force of evil beyond anything either man has ever encountered.

And between decision and consequences, there are... Earthly Concerns 

Xavier Axelson is a writer and columnist living in Los Angeles.  His columns include interviews with counterculture celebrities, artisans, singers, writers, performance artists, politicians, and activists.  While his writing has been called, “raw, dirty, and absolutely beautiful,” Xavier hopes to push boundaries of what is expected in the M/M erotic genres.

Find Xavier at: Website | Twitter | Facebook |

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tour Schedule: The Fallen One by Lenore Wolfe

Tour Schedule:
March 12th- Full Moon Bites (Character Interview & Giveaway)
March 13th-
Unputdownable Books (Promo Post & Giveaway)
March 14th-
Bibliophilia (Promo Post & Giveaway)
March 15th-
Author Jennifer James - Caught in the Smex Beam (Review & Character Interview)
March 16th-
Ritesh Kala (Character Interview & Giveaway)
March 17th-
All Things Books (Review & Giveaway)
March 18th-
Reviews By Molly (Promo Post & Giveaway)
March 19th-
Book Lover Stop (Review & Giveaway)

The Fallen One
Sons of the Dark Mother, #1
Author: Lenore Wolfe
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
Publisher: Triquetra Press Publications
Words: A little over 100,000

Book Description

An ancient race and a prophecy foretell of four dark princes, the sons of the dark mother, who will rise up with a nation of old vamps to stop the rogue factions from ruling over mankind. Justice is the first in that prophecy, from the ancient Jaguar People. He is the Prince of Fire. Jess is one of the three sisters of the Jaguar witches who must help him to stop these factions of rogue vamps--or none of their lives will ever be the same.


I grew up in Montana, and Alaska, and currently live in central US. I hold a BA in Sociology, from the University of Northern Colorado, with a minor in writing, and I am student of the Shaman path. And in spite of my struggles, I am living my dream by being able write and market my writing, and that’s a wonderful blessing.

Her Website:


The Fallen One Blog:




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