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Full Moon Bites

Full Moon Bites

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tour Schedule: One Bite To Passion by MaryLynn Bast (Erotica Romance)

Tour Schedule:

June 3rd- Full Moon Bites (Book Review/Author Interview)
June 3rd- A Diary Of A Book Addict (Book Review/Giveaway)
June 4th- Erotic Romance With a Bite...Leigh Savage (Author Interview/Giveaway)
June 5th- The Avid Reader (Book Review/Giveaway)
June 5th- Ramblings of an Amateur Writer (Promo Post)
June 6th- Proserpine Craving Books (Book Review/Author Interview)
June 7th- Abbey Ann's Bookland (Book Review/Giveaway)
June 8th- Tricia Kristufek (Review) (Promo) (Book Review & Promo Post)
June 9th- Reviews By Molly (Book Review/Promo Post)

Title: One Bite To Passion
Author: MaryLynn Bast
Genre: Fantasy (Urban, Dark and Epic), Paranormal, Romance, Erotica
Publisher: A Renaissance E Books publication
Pages: 107 pages
Words: 39,995

Book Description:

On a business trip to Japan, Paige has just found happiness with Casey, an exciting, young man with a passionate interest in Paige.  After a night of wild sex, feels like a new woman. Drawn to Casey, Paige can’t refuse him even though he says he wants to possess her and she learns he is a vampire. Then Paige's unfaithful husband, Dalton, shows up. He has supposedly broken off his affair, but Paige suspects he is still seeing his mistress. Soon, Paige begins to notice disturbing things happening around her and discovers she has become the center of a battle between covens who consider her The Chosen One. But when she faces the greatest peril of her life, and Casey shows up to help, Page realizes she is willing fight the covens side-by-side with him, if it means the chance of a future with this vampire she has come to love.
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MaryLynn Bast resides in Las Vegas when she is not traveling the world with her job as a contractor with the US Military. Bast enjoys writing paranormal fantasy romance erotica stories because she can allow her imagination to run rampant, her characters can obtain abilities not possible in the real world...or are they? 
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