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Full Moon Bites

Full Moon Bites

Friday, November 9, 2012

Example of a Book Playlist/Soundtrack Post

Below is an example of a Book Playlist/Soundtrack post for a tour.
This is just an example.

(1). You do not have to have a song for each chapter, I actually recommend not going over 20 songs at the max You can have more or less than below, each book is different.
(2) I encourage you to write about why you chose the songs and how they pertain to the book in your mind.
(3). Your post does not have to be exactly like this, again this is just an example of one. :)
(4). Please note that some bloggers like to use the YouTube Links to get the actual video to have on the post. The link to the song makes sure they do not snag the wrong video.
#1. E-Nomine "Schwarze Sonne (Klassik version)" – Opening
(youtube link:
#2. The Algorithm "Antikythera Mechanism" - Chapter One, The Encounter, when Leid and Alezair meet on the battlefield of Jerusalem for the first time and try to kill each other.
(youtube link: The Algorithm -
#3. Mogwai "I Know You Are, But What Am I?" - Chapter Six, Ergo, when Alezair is in his room, working on his theory of 'Multiversal Atomic Resonance'. 
(youtube link:
#4. Nine Inch Nails "The Frail (things falling apart version)" - Chapter Eight, The Queen and the Violin, when Alezair discovers the violin and cello hidden in Leid's bedroom.
(youtube link:
#5. Two Steps from Hell "Hello, World" - Chapter Ten, Trifles, when the Jury attends Archdemon Belial Vakkar's masquerade party at Durn Manor in Tehlor, the 5th layer of Hell.
(youtube link:
#6. The Interbeing "Shadow Drift" - Chapter Twelve, Contrivance, when the Jury is sent to the world of Tal Ayen and ordered to eliminate the demon army invading the city of Najudis.
(youtube link:
#7. she "Make Me Real" - Chapter Eighteen, Of Priori and Telos, when Leid and Alezair spend the night in the Deadlands, within the dying world of Atlas Arcantia.
(youtube link:
#8. Blue Stahli "Metamorphosis" - Chapter Twenty-two, The Silver Noble, when Alezair's true identity is revealed after meeting the King of Exo'daius and he leaves Purgatory in search of more answers.
(youtube link:
#9. The Retrosic "Decoy" – Closing
A HUGE thank you to Terra Whiteman for the use of her wonderful soundtrack post! :)


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