Tour Host Guidelines

Your Obligations As a Tour Host:

1. Posts should be, if possible, your TOP post on your tour date (unless otherwise discussed) if you have more than one post on that date—and make sure it stays the TOP post all day. Please do not post over it! This is very important because people are trying to follow along with tours and they come to your site and then leave because the do not see your post. 

1.1 Your post should be up in the morning before 6 A.M. EST, even if you have to get the post up the night before--early is better than late!

1.2 Promote your post! The author and I will promote your post as well but promoting your post at all the places you can (Twitter, Facebook, etc) is very important as well!

1.3 If you are scheduled for a date but for some reason can not make that date then please, please let me know! We do understand emergencies but I have people that are constantly missing posts because they just forgot about them. From now on if this happens three times you will be removed from the tour host list and not sent invites anymore. 
We highly encourage you to schedule your posts before hand if possible. We know not everyone can do this but those with Blogger and WordPress if you do not already this might be something you want to experiment with.

1.4 All promo/book spotlight information in the media kit that you are sent for a tour should be posted regardless of what other feature you are doing.

1.5 Any host who does not follow the guidelines, the most important of which has to be having your post up on time, you will be warned. Three warnings and you will be removed from the tour host list. If at any time you wish to be removed from the tour host list please let me know, I will remove you from the list and you will not be sent tour host invites any longer.

Guest Posts:

2. If you have a guest post topic, please email it to me. I will pass it to the author, but it is up to the author to decide on final topics. If you are scheduled for a guest post, I will get them to you as soon as I receive them from the author.


3. Unless the giveaway is tour-wide giveaway details are up to you. Though I do ask that you run them at least 3 day’s, preferably a week so people have enough time to enter. You are responsible for the giveaway time and rules. I will let you know the prize and who it is open to. After you chose the winner please send the winner(s) info to holly @ fmbpromotions . com (without the spaces) in a timely manner.

3.1 Most giveaways are tour-wide though and you will be passed a Rafflecopter HTML to use. If you cannot get the HTML to work or have a blog then please link to the tour schedule where the giveaway will be running. I

Author or Character Interviews:

4. If you have a standard set of interview questions you always use please send them to me with your blog name as the file name. I keep these on file for easy access and then I do not have to bother you for each interview you are scheduled for. Lol

4.1 If you are scheduled for an author interview please get me the questions as soon as possible so I can pass them on to the author (if I do not have them on file or you are not sure if I do). I will forward you the answers as soon as the author gets them back to me.

4.2 If I have your interview questions on file (for those with standard interview questions) I will forward those on immediately.

4.3 If it is a character interview, those are done by the author unless otherwise discussed.

Promo Posts/Book Spotlights:

5. The Promo Post/Book Spotlights (whichever you prefer to call them) should include ALL the information in the media kit! The book info, description, cover, excerpt, buy links and the author photo, picture and links

5.1 No matter what feature you are doing for a tour (review, character interview, giveaway, etc.) everyone should post the promo information of the book with their post.

Book Reviews

6. If you accept a review copy, please post your reviews on Goodreads and Amazon (if you have an account) in addition to your blog and any other review accounts you have, B&N, etc. If you received the review copy please put a disclaimer on the review stating you received it for free for an honest review. Also please be sure to publish your review at other places if you can, Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

6.2 By signing up to be a tour host you acknowledged and agreed that any media, e-Books, etc. that you receive from FMB for review, will not be in any way copied, distributed or shared in any way. By accepting to receive a review copy and review a book you are again agreeing agreed that any media, e-Books, etc. that you receive from FMB for review, will not be in any way copied, distributed or shared in any way.

6.3 We understand that sometimes you get a book that we do not like on a tour and decide not to review. If this is going to happen or happens please tell us before hand! It is fine, I know it has happened to me before, but some notice before hand to change your feature would be much appreciated.

6.4 If you agree to a review and do not let me know you cannot follow through for whatever reason more than once you will not be selected for a review features anymore.

6.5 As a FMB Tour Host, or if you host on a tour for FMB Author Promotions (formerly FMB Blog Tours), you give the right to be quoted on your review (with proper credit given to you) by the author or publisher or FMB Author Promotions on their site and in promotion.

7. As a FMB Promotions Tour Host, you are encouraged to accept all tour invites that you can or want to participate in; of course you are in no way obligated to participate in every tour or any that you do not want to host.

8. If you have not received your information for whatever kind of post you are scheduled, excerpt, interview, guest post, etc. at least a day before the event- Please contact me at holly @ fmbpromotions . com (without the spaces) I will in turn try to find out what has happened and if for some reason can not get in touch with the author, please just post the promotional information on your scheduled date.

9. If you agree to host on a certain date, please post on that date! Hosts who constantly are late, or disappear with out word will be removed from the FMB tour list and no longer sent invites.

If you have a question please check the FQA and feel free to contact me if your question or concern is not answered there. 

**Please note that these may be updated at anytime without notice to you though we do strive to post notifications and email when updated but sometimes emails do not always go through; we recommend that you check back from time to time just in case.**


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